Real Estate


Real estate services

Our real estate services include representing buyers and sellers in the purchase or sale of single-family homes, apartments, or multi-family buildings. We offer competitive prices and all work is done by an attorney.

Why choose us?

We stand apart from the many firms offering real estate legal services because of the personal attention we give to each client. We can be easily reached to answer any questions or resolve any concerns. We also have extensive experience in short sales and have successfully closed on even the toughest of short sales.

Overview of real estate representation for buyers and sellers

A basic overview of our real estate representation for buyers and sellers is as follows:​


-Discussion with client as to any special issues, contingencies, or other areas of concern

-Comprehensive review and negotiation of the contract of sale

-Issuance of an "attorney review letter" outlining any issues/problems with the contract and requests for necessary modifications to same

-Working with the other party's attorney to resolve any issues or disagreements


-Review title commitment for buyer, respond to any title issues for seller


-Review mortgage commitment for buyer


-Resolving any issues prior to closing


-Correspondence with other party's attorney, real estate brokers/agents, title company and mortgage company throughout the process


-Preparation for closing, including preparing seller documents

-Representation at closing

Our other real estate services

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