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REAL ESTATE MATTERS: Whether you are looking to close on a sale or a purchase of a house, apartment, or multi-family building, our personal service and competitive rates make us stand apart. Let us assist you with your next sale or purchase. We also handle other types of real estate matters including:
FORECLOSURE DEFENSE: We are highly experienced and specialized in helping homeowners and business owners to resolve their debt, including through our expertise in foreclosure defense.
We focus on fighting the banks intelligently, with result-driven strategies. We develop a plan based on each client's unique situation since no two cases are alike.
Our services include representing you through the entire foreclosure process, no matter what stage you are in. This includes negotiating with banks and attorneys, defending the foreclosure lawsuit and pursuing counterclaims where applicable, negotiating for loan modification, enabling a successful short sale, or pursuing other options such as deed-in-lieu of foreclosure.
Depending on a client's needs and specific goals, the strategy may be narrowly focused on delaying and stopping the foreclosure to allow maximum time in the home at minimal cost. This is often the case where the intention is not to keep the property but, rather, to have enough time so that school-age children to be able to finish school without disruption.

BANKRUPTCY: We can help you navigate bankruptcy options. Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 each have certain features and it is critical to select the correct Chapter to file under. We can review your situation and suggest a course of action depending on your particular circumstances.

REAL ESTATE and CONSTRUCTION CONSULTING: We are experienced in a variety of real estate and construction matters and can help with negotiation of contracts, lease agreements, and other residential and commercial real estate needs.

LAND USE LAW: We can assist in preparation of applications for submission to local boards including zoning or planning boards, and provide guidance, strategy and advice on potential applications for different types of variances.


MUNICIPAL COURT REPRESENTATION: Traffic violations and minor offenses often require you to make an appearance in Municipal Court. We can review your case and help obtain the best possible result for you including a reduction in points, if applicable.

CONSUMER PROTECTION: If your consumer rights have been violated, we can pursue claims for violations of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) among other. We can help pursue claims against creditors for these types of violations, as well as other claims.

CIVIL MATTERS: If you have claims against a person or business which you wish to pursue in Court, we can help you secure what you are entitled to.

ESTATE PLANNING: We can help analyze your estate planning needs to develop a customized solution.

TAX SERVICES: We can help you with tax problems, including notices of levy or lien. We can negotiate on your behalf for the most beneficial possible outcome. These include: offer in compromise to settle your debt at once, an installment agreement (payment plan) or possible forgiveness, if applicable. We can help you take advantage of any programs which apply to your matter including the "Fresh Start Initiative".

DATA PRIVACY CONSULTING: We have expertise with data privacy matters, including developing policies and procedures to implement in your business, compliance review, and determining which standards/regulations your enterprise must adhere to, including those as promulgated by CIPP.


EMERGENT MATTERS: Orders to Show Cause, Temporary Restraints, and Injunctions are examples of time-sensitive emergent matters. Disputes over real estate contracts also frequently involve the need for immediate relief from the Court to prevent the sale of a property. We are experienced in emergent matters and can quickly act to represent your interests in time-sensitive matters.




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